R350 Approved but not Payments

R350 is basically a grant of SASSA named Social Relief of Distress SRD. SASSA refers to a social welfare agency that provides grants to South African people who are not able to support their families to survive. This agency is specially designed to eliminate poverty and help them to raise their standard of living. There are some specific criteria required in order to get a grant or funds from SASSA. An individual who wants to get this grant must have to fulfill the eligibility criteria and required documentation. R350 is the grant introduced by the South African Government by SASSA to distressed people due to socioeconomic challenges such as unemployment etc.

Why SASSA R350 Approve but not Payments?

If you are facing a problem with SASSA R350 being approved but not receiving any payment, it may involve some basic reasons which are mentioned below in detail.

The basic and major reason will be that your application was canceled due to some reasons such as an excess amount in your bank account of more than R624, or due to providing an invalid bank account number, or maybe your application is under process.

There are only 3 reasons why you did not get any payment after approval of the R350 grant which includes

  • If you have more than R624 in your bank account then you are not able to receive an R350 grant from the South African Social Security Agency.
  • If you have mentioned the wrong or incorrect Bank account number then you are not able to receive any payment of SASSA R350 even after approval.
  • If your application procedure is under process then you cannot receive any payment from SASSA R350 in the middle of the application even after approval.

R350 Approved but not Payments

The purpose of this grant is to provide temporary financial relief to the South African People. The criteria for this grant or financial relief, the individual must provide financial distress evidence. The process of application may require some personal information and documentation. After approval of the R350 grant the beneficiary starts receiving South African Rand R350 every month.

Reasons Behind Not Payments

If an individual applies for an R350 grant and gets approved but does not receive payments then follow the following instructions to check your approval status.

Verify your Approval Again: first of all, you have to check your application status whether it is confirmed or not. The verification processes from the South African Social Security Agency, so that contact SASSA gets confirmation about your approval of the R350 grant.

Check your Banking Details: Make sure that the banking details you have provided during the application process are accurate. Actually, the R350 grant was made through electronic funds transfer EFT. That’s the reason an active and accurate bank account is very necessary.

Contact SASSA: after verification of your banking details, name, address, and approval confirmation you have to contact the South Africa Social Security Agency for further assistance you have verified your approval but you haven’t received any payment.

It is also very important to stay in touch with the SASSA or keep an eye on communication with SASSA through different channel such as in the form of SMS messages. If you did not receive any SRD R350 grant after confirmation or approval then contact to SASSA office as soon as possible. It is very important to inform SASSA in order to avoid any kind of fraud Why was SASSA R350 approved but not Payments?

SASSA status check helps you to see your payment dates status for the R350 grant. For the status check you have to enter your phone number, the applicant’s South African ID Number, and your SASSA ID number. After finishing the process you will able to see the SASSA R350 grant payment dates online. Hopefully, you have found the complete detailed information regarding R350 Approved but no payment received.

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